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Cumbria Fire Service have just selected TeleConneXions, Cumbria, to provide the service provision for the Counties Resilient Communications Systems at the new Fire Service Headquarters in Penrith, Cumbria.

The construction of the new building, under the Governments new £45.4 million scheme for 16 fire service stations across Cumbria, Lancashire and Merseyside, is to be funded under the Government’s Private Finance Initiative. It is due for completion and handover to the fire service in August of this yea, so our skilled team of engineers and associated support staff are finalising the equipment and services installation in readiness for their move.

The Emergency Planning Resilience Unit will utilise a Siemens Enterprise Communications telephone system. It will be connected with resilient digital telephone lines along with our own Broadband ConneXions fully managed internet access and Wi-Fi services. All our systems will cater for the unlikely event of their corporate communications systems failing and the need to ensure that back up voice and data communications are available. The systems will be further utilised for planning and resilience exercises and unplanned events to the support county Cumbria’s emergency needs.

We have already completed several installations into other recently built Cumbria Fire Service Stations such as the one in Carlisle. This involved public address and evacuation systems which are utilised to communicate with on-site staff in the event of an emergency and inform them of details of the incident while preparing to leave the stations to attend call-outs.

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