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Prevent Fraud with TeleConneXions Network Services

Fraud from Phreaking (hacking of your telephone system) has been a problem for years and will continue to be an issue for many years to come. Hackers will exploit any chink in the network and will continue to develop fraud attack methods as a single approach is never good enough. Although they don’t happen very often, when they do it can be very expensive.TeleConneXions Network Services utilises ABBA an Advanced Behaviour Based Analysis (ABBA) product to offer our customers using TeleConneXions SIP Trunks (VOIP Telephone Lines) an enhanced approach to keep fraud at a minimum.

  • Bespoke Signature Detection – alerts provided if PBX web interfaces are found or if a SIP port is open. Leaving port 5060 open is like leaving your front door open.
  • Fraud Detection – all calls are compared with patterns that we’ve identified to be common in fraud. Patterns include call destinations, number of call attempts, and number of calls, call length and geographic location of the registered IP address.
  • Fraud Alert & Suspension – be notified or suspend all calls if the call spend levels you’ve set are breached and fraud, phreaking is suspected.

Pick up on the hacker’s initial tests and catch fraud before it starts. TeleConneXions monitor call setup requests in real time – we don’t need to wait until after the event  to detect fraud !

Don’t be on the receiving end of fraud.

Find out how TeleConneXions Network Services ABBA can help you limit your exposure to fraud.

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