Video Conferencing

Connect your teams by video from any room with a conference phone to anyone, anywhere.

Video Conferencing Cumbria

‘Just Dial’ BlinkPipe room system
Just dial your conference phone and your BlinkPipe room system will automatically spring to life. No more test calls, logins or asking IT for help – with the BlinkPipe room system connected to your meeting room TV and conference phone you simply walk in, sit down and dial. That’s it.

The meeting room is still the heart of group collaboration, but work today expects participation from anywhere. That’s why the BlinkPipe Hub conferencing service brings together our high quality room systems with convenient group video for PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. With BlinkPipe, connecting your teams wherever they need to work has never been easier.

Simple – just dial your existing conference phone as normal, or click a web link.

Reliable – voice over the phone & video over the internet means your discussion is never disturbed by busy networks.

High quality – wide angle HD images with 3x optical zoom and auto-framing technology.

Call anyone – BlinkPipe Hub allows group video calling between BlinkPipe cameras, PCs, Macs and mobile devices. BlinkPipe delivers ‘just dial’ access to the Blue Jeans® service, for interoperability with almost all other VC vendors.

Affordable – BlinkPipe is a fraction of the price of other enterprise room systems, with a range of products and services to Group video suit your business needs.

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