Home Entertainment Systems

TeleConneXions have been working in the domestic market since we were first established in 1990 and we are proud of the projects we have completed in this field. We pride our selves on neat and efficient installs with our engineers showing true professionalism.

With all our experience and knowledge in the electrical, network and IT industries we are able to offer an uncompromised solution. To compliment the hardware we have taken all our cabling skills into the market and provide professional design with discreet cabling solutions. The home entertainment industry is now using some of the same technologies as the I.T. industry and we obviously have seen the need for our expertise.

We work along side another company within our group if required to offer you a more in depth solution. I.T. ConneXions can expand your home network or home working capabilities.

Our Home Entertainment Solutions are designed and customised using a range of solutions to meet your exact needs and budget.

Home Cinema CumbriaLCD TV’s, Home Cinema and 5:1 Surround Sound Systems
If you are just looking for a new LCD television installed then we can offer you that service, however if you are looking for something a bit special then allow us to help. We are able to find you the correct solution from all the market suppliers and use our expertise for a no worries install.

Music/Sound Systems
Our sound systems can be stand alone wireless systems using the latest technology for updating music content or we can install the necessary cabling for a hard wired solution. We can also fully integrate with your existing sound system reducing the need for a full upgrade. We offer solutions for full integration with your iPhone/MP3 players and will try to find the best manufacturer to match your budget.

Smart TVSmart TV’s
Smart TV’s are the new solution of integrating the internet and Web 2.0 features into modern TV’s and set-top boxes. We have moved into this field as it fits well into all our departments and expertise. We can provide the network connections, TV’s and installation/set up required. The TV’s can be used stand alone on the network to access social media and the internet. We can also provide and install media servers that allow you to save your media library and use the TV to access your home movies/music and photos.

AV Cabling
Audio Visual Cabling Solutions
We will provide an AV cabling solution for your home allowing you to connect the hardware when your budget allows. We are working with customers, electricians and local builders installing the cabling as the project begins. This will allow the cabling to be hidden and connected at a later date. This service can cover satellite/aerial distribution, gaming, WiFi, sound systems, telephone points, data points and home cinema solutions.

Home NetworkingHome Networking and WiFi
There is now a great need for home networking with most home media solutions being internet enabled. We provide all aspects of home networking solutions, including Cat 5/6 cabling, WiFi and Ethernet over power. Every project is different and we will spec. the solution based on budget and the minimum of disruption to your home. We have great experience in designing home offices, including supplying all the hardware needed and using I.T. ConneXions to configure it all