News > Work Completed at Smiths Hotel Gretna

Work Completed at Smiths Hotel Gretna by TeleConneXions and IT ConneXions who are both part of ConneXions Group, Carlisle. The work involved completing 6 different services for Smiths Hotel, which enhanced ConneXions Group reputation as the complete business solutions provider.

The work completed was done for both the Smiths Hotel site and retail site as well and included broadband, lines and calls, IT support, hardware replacement, network cabling, wireless network and upgrading existing network infrastructure. Smiths Hotel were very pleased with the work and the feedback given was very positive “our network infrastructure was in need of a major overhaul. ConneXions Group were selected as the local company to service and support all the requirements and we would like to say thanks for the help and advice we received”.

TeleConneXions upgraded and recommissioned the cat 5 networking cabling in the main Smiths Hotel. They installed the cat 5 network linking the multiple shops in the retail park, which then allowed for IT ConneXions to install all the new hardware.

This is not the first time ConneXions Group has done work for hotels with NetConneXions having designed several websites for hotels in the Lake District and Interior ConneXions providing interior design.

Both TeleConneXions and IT ConneXions were extremely happy with the work carried out at Smiths Hotel Gretna and look forward to continuing their working relationship. Should your business require assistance with any of the services mentioned above click here to contact TeleConneXions.