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U Student Housing Security work has recently been completed in Sunderland by TeleConneXions and IT ConneXions. The two companies are part of ConneXions Group in Cumbria and are proud to have used all of their experience in installing multiple solutions at the Forge, Sunderland.

The Forge is operated by U Student and is a self contained campus housing over 500 students meaning security is a top priority. TeleConneXions have provided full CCTV coverage throughout the U Student housing with 77 cameras installed internally / externally and are monitored 24/7 on site in the security office.

Another security feature at the housing installed was the access control meaning each student has their own unique card allowing for entry and exiting through different gates. This system is again monitored from the main security office allowing staff to know who is on site at any given time.

TeleConneXions also installed a new Siemens telephone system at the Forge for the admin office and bar area. The telephone system provides the staff with all their telephony requirements and is also linked to the gate access system to allow conversation between the security office and visitors; allowing the security office to grant access direct from the handset.

In the main reception and show flat of the U Student Housing TeleConneXions installed multi media displays allowing staff to display adverts and upcoming promotions to the campus population.

Should you wish to make any enquiries for the above services visit TeleConneXions website or click here to contact them.