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SIP Trunking Benefits can be brought to your business as TeleConneXions are a main provider of Siemens SIP Trunking. TeleConneXions are part of ConneXions Group in Cumbria and have been providing business with telephony solutions for over 20 years.

SIP Trunking offers business huge benefits and some examples include an insurance client who is shifting 70,000 calls a week onto its SIP network, saving the cost of 13,000 voice calls every month. Another includes a government organisation which is saving over £1 million by deploying IP Least Cost Routing. And one final one includes a manufacturing company which is saving in excess of 35% of its inter-site communications costs by moving to SIP Trunking.

These are some major financial benefits SIP Trunking gives to businesses and those that have adopted SIP Trunking have witnessed significant return on investment.

How much could your business save by using this service?

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