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Excel Cable Solutions Partner TeleConneXions are proud to announce that they have once again achieved the distinction of becoming an Excel accredited cable partner. This accreditation means TeleConneXions are authorised to design, install and warranty excel structured cabling solutions.

The award enhances their expertise in all cabling solutions including CAT 5 and CAT 6 as well as fibre optic solutions. TeleConneXions is currently using these skills to install the new CAT 5 and fibre infrastructure in J Block at Whitehaven Hospital. The block is undergoing a full refurbishment as part of the new hospital project.

TeleConneXions are part of ConneXions Group Carlisle and are a complete business solutions provider offering everything from telecoms, interior design, web design and IT support and maintenance.

For all your Excel Cable or any other cabling solution needs then visit TeleConneXions today to find out more or click here to contact them.