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Business communication services in Carlisle were damaged by strong winds and bad weather this week. TeleConneXions and Tooway ConneXions, both part of ConneXions Group, have been on hand to help businesses restore their communication services.

The recent high winds brought down trees and telephone lines causing significant disruption to communications services feeding local businesses, including Stead Mcalpins Factory in Cummersdale. BT informed the company that it would be several days before they could come and complete repairs. Stead Mcalpins got in touch with TeleConneXions who could complete their repairs within 24 hours.

Tooway ConneXions were responsible for getting the satellite broadband up and running; a major help for a company so reliant on the internet. They require fast, reliable internet and the work completed here has again shown the benefits of a business having access to satellite services for the quick implementation of essential business communication systems.

If your business has suffered weather damage to important communication systems or is just in need of an update then contact TeleConneXions by clicking here.