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Best Office Telephone System was an award won by Siemens at the Comms National Awards 2011 dinner. The national awards have been around for 12 years now and remain the most coveted awards in the industry. Siemens were thrilled to have won the telephone system of the year award.

TeleConneXions, Cumbria, is a solutions supplier of the Siemens office telephone systems. The telephone system that won the award can take your business to the next level with the unified communications and TeleConneXions collaboration. Benefits the telephone system has to offer:

  •  Ÿ        Integrated communications with business processes
  • Ÿ         Dramatic improvements in workflow
  • Ÿ         Increased productivity and profitability
  • Ÿ         Reduced operational costs
  • Ÿ         Simple to use and easy to administer

The Siemens telephone system of the year included a variety of features which helped to make it the best office telephone system. The VoIP desk phones delivers OpenScape office UC presence and visibility. Also, there is MyPortal for mobile, meaning OpenScape Office features are available on your smartphone giving the user greater control and management. Also the full OpenScape suite is presented on the users PC desktop offering features such as integration directly with outlook.

TeleConneXions is proud to be a supplier of this innovative product and have several offerings available on office telephone systems. Click here to see a brochure regarding the Siemens products available. TeleConneXions are part of ConneXions Group and to contact them for more information click here.