Top Tips to Avoid Non-Systems Scams

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Top Tips to Avoid Non-System Scams

Telecom fraud continues to increase and the cost of taking no action to protect yourself is going up.

You don’t have to have a telephone system to be a victim of fraud. Sometimes, people inside your business could be taking advantage of you. Arming yourself with knowledge and implementing best practice is your best protection against telecoms fraud. Taking a few simple measures to safeguard your business could end up saving you thousands of pounds:

• Restrict the numbers that employees can dial: for example, bar calls to premium rate numbers, international numbers, operator numbers or Directory Enquiries.

• Implement policies and procedures to minimise risk

• Change passwords regularly and protect them and your access codes from unauthorised use

• Restrict access to equipment and hardware and limit users systems access to the minimum level it needs to be

• Keep an eye on your monthly phone bills for anything that looks unusual

• Protect yourself with Fraud Monitor. Fraud Monitor keeps a close eye on your account throughout the month and alerts you to any unusual activity when it happens