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Don’t Get Caught Out By Telecoms Fraud

Most people will be able to relate to the experience of opening a phone bill that drew a sharp intake of breath. But what if it contains calls that rack up into the thousands?

Telephone fraud is increasing with business customers falling victim to hackers out to make money. Now , more than ever, businesses cannot afford to get caught out.

So, to help protect you against telecoms fraud, TeleConneXions offers Fraud Monitor. TeleConneXions Fraud Monitor keeps a close eye on your calls and, if spotted, we  will contact you to highlight potential frauds.

TeleConneXions Fraud Monitor costs only £2.99 per month for Analogue and ISDN2 customers and £4.99 for ISDN30 customers.

Fraudsters can rack up bills of thousands of pounds in just a few hours if they gain access to your telephone services. TeleConneXions Fraud monitor gives you the potential to catch fraudulent activity sooner and we have saved  many customers thousands of pounds  by alerting them to actual frauds . Of course, taking steps to protect yourself from hackers is your best defence, and this primarily starts with securing your phone system.

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Top Tips to Avoid Systems Scams

Frauds can take place if people can gain access to voicemail systems using a password or pin during your greeting message. These rogue dialers can result in thousands of pounds worth of calls and diverts being run up in a very short time.
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Top Tips to Avoid Non-Systems Scams

Businesses also run the risk of being scammed by people working for them, making unauthorised calls to premium rate and international numbers from their work phones.
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