Line Assurance

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Every year 40% of businesses experience some form of telephone fault. Faults at the exchange or with the phone lines to your premises are fixed by BT Openreach at no charge.

But if the fault is caused by the line or equipment in your premises BT Openreach charge up to £150 +VAT. Every month thousands of busineses pay BT Openreach call out charges when faults are caused by their own equipment or wiring. Line Assurance from TeleConneXions protects you from BT Openreach engineering charges.

From the 1st April 2012 you will be protected by TeleConneXions Line Assurance

Line Assurance protects you for just 99p a month for an Analogue line, £2.99 a month for an ISDN2e and £4.99 a month for ISDN30e.

With this protection TeleConneXions covers the cost of BT Openreach call out charges, Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. If you don’t want the protection of Line Assurance simply cancel before 1st July 2012, we will refund all charges but you will be charged for BT Openreach charges incurred during this time. After 1st July you can cancel any time by calling our Experts on 08448 569 965.

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